I Want A Dyson!

by Molly on October 12, 2009

Okay, now take a look at how this Dyson fan works, and tell me that you don’t think that Sir James Dyson isn’t one of the smartest inventors alive right now!

Sir James Dyson has made a mint selling the story of his dogged pursuit of the vacuum cleaner that “never loses suction.”

Dyson’s newest invention is a room fan–a bladeless fan–called the Air Multiplier. And it turns out that the Air Mulitiplier might never have been invented at all, if Dyson’s engineers didn’t notice something strange was happening during testing of another product, the Airblade hand dryer.

Rather that drying your hands by blowing hot air and evaporating water, the Airblade blows a single, super-thin sheet of air, at upwards of 400 mph. When you run your hands through it, it scrapes water off–just like a windshield wiper. No need to wipe your hands on your pants when the air shuts off.

Because of a few quirks in how the air blade worked, they eventually came up with the technology for the fan. Now, I am not sure if all Costco’s have these, but, I was at the SLC Costco on 2100 South, and got to use it…uh, hello! I want one for every bathroom and for the kitchen!

As many times as I have to wash my hands every day, it would be so nice to be able to use less paper towels and not have to wash so many hand towels!

Sign me Up!!! I have decided that I need one of everything he makes! I’m a FAN!! lol, or should I say groupie, so that we don’t get confused!?!

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