Cyber Bullying & Child Abuse, The Online Threat

by Molly on December 11, 2008

One thing that I am very passionate about, is family, children, and the safety that we must secure for our families to survive in this day and age. My husband has researched and written, and interviewed countless people for his weekly online radio show, and for his site. He has also been asked by our local school district to come in twice to talk to the parents in the district about online safety. Because we both work from home and have online businesses, we both know the importance of the internet, the importance of shielding our children from parts of it, and the dangers that are out there.

Recently, while reading through my husbands soon to be released book, I was clicking on links and making sure they worked, and ended up finding some ads from the UK that talk about online threats and dangers. I must say, that there are some governments who are taking this issue quite seriously. Obviously there is a higher rate of this type of violence that is reported in the UK, but, there are steps that are being taken to make sure that there is more awareness too.

I am going to leave with a parting video, that I really liked, one that hopefully others will take the time to watch and educate themselves more about the dangers of online bullying & threats to our children’s safety.

And, if you have time watch this one (it is a bit more disturbing and is not about cyber bullying but about the predators lurking…and waiting for our children): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5WEnqnq1Hk

And, for more information and resources see these sites:

Online Security Authority

CyberHood Watch Radio

The CyberHood Watch

Responsible Cyber Citizen

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