Getting Your Garden Started

by Molly on May 19, 2008

There are so many reasons to have a garden, and what are they you may ask?

  1. Counsel from Church Leadership
  2. Teaching Good Principles & Responsibility
  3. Saving Money
  4. Being
  5. Spending Time Together as a Family

I am sure that you could come up with other reasons on your own, and please don’t think that the above was in any specific order other than that’s how they came to mind. My own children love spending time in our garden…why you ask? Because I have tried to make it fun. As a young child I remember weeding the garden and mostly doing it in the hot sun.

I decided when I grew my first garden with kids, that I would do whatever I could to make it fun for them. I try to do all my work early in the morning or in the evening. One thing the kids also know is that this is their garden, there are rules, but, there are certain things that they can go in and eat at anytime they would like. Of course, they have to be grown, but, like peas or broccoli and strawberries are all things that can be eaten off the vine or plant…even tomatoes!

Letting children plant flowers and take care of them is a great way to cultivate a love for and for the earth. Let your children have their own spot in the garden, let them choose a plant or plants of their own to grow.

Below is a list of free plans and information that you and your family can use to grow all kinds of different gardens.

Colorful Front Yard Garden Plans
Cool-Color Garden Plans
Create a Garden Getaway: 17 Great Plans
Create the Ultimate Summer Cottage Garden
Garden Plans with a Formal Flavor
Garden Plans with Heirloom Plants
Garden Plans Featuring Roses
Garden Plans for Cottage Style
Garden Plans for Fall Planting
Garden Plans for Shady Spots
Garden Plans That Celebrate Summer
Garden Plans That Peak in Fall
Garden Plans with Water in a Starring Role
Hot-Color Garden Plans
Large Garden Plans
Long-Blooming Garden Plans
Medium-Size Garden Plans
One-Color Garden Plans
Small Garden Plans
Spring Beauty Garden Plans
Vegetable Garden Plans

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One comment on “Getting Your Garden Started

  1. Shasta on said:

    Not to mention that if you produce extra produce you could share it with neighbors or sell it at a farmers market. Teaching kindness, love, compassion, sharing and good money and business skills.

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