Marriage: It’s a Forever Thing!

by Molly on March 19, 2008

Marriage isn’t taken lightly in our way of thinking, or at least it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Is the person you are contemplating marrying someone you want to spend Eternity with? If not, why are you marrying him or her?

The had a couple on who have been married for 83 years! What a great example for all of us. How did they do it? According to Mayme…they both stepped in and did what had to be done. When you have responsibilities, you take care of them. What does this say for the generations since and for those that are coming up? Be Responsible!

said it quite well, with the “B” attitudes. We must all take on responsibilities, and we must be responsible for them. This life is a test, and although others have their free agency, that doesn’t mean that we should make excuses for the way we act.

To view the video from the Today Show, about this couple…you know, for INSPIRATIONclick on this link: Minnesota Couple Married For 83 Years!

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