My Wordless Wednesday: Harold B. Lee’s Testimony

by Molly on March 4, 2009

“Today, at the greatest moment of my life, I find myself without words to express my deep and innermost feelings. The morning after my call came, as I kneeled with my dear companion in prayer, my heart and soul seemed to reach out to the total membership of the Church, with a special kind of fellowship and love, which was like the opening of the windows of heaven to give me a brief feeling of belonging to the more than 3 million members of the Church in all parts of the world. I repeat what I have said on other occasions, that I most fervently seek to be upheld by the confidence, prayer and faith of all the faithful Saints everywhere. And I pledge to you that as you pray for me, I will earnestly try to solely that the Lord can answer your prayers through me. How grateful I am for your loyalty and your sustaining vote. I bear you solemn witness of the divine mission of the Savior and to the certainty of His guiding hand in the affairs of His Church today as in all dispensations of time. I bear that testimony with all the convictions of my soul and leave my blessing upon the membership of the Church and the pure in heart everywhere. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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