My Wordless Wednesday: Testimony of Prophet George Albert Smith

by Molly on March 11, 2009

George Albert Smith was ordained as the eighth President of the Church on May 14, 1945. He gave the following testimony:

No other people have what we have. I don’t know of any people who ought to be so anxious, and willing and grateful to be able to celebrate this day, that is recognized in the world as the anniversary of the resurrection of the Redeemer of mankind, and that meant the opening of the grave for all humanity. The Lord may bless us that we may be worthy, because of our lives, to keep this testimony, that not only we, but all that we can contact, may receive that witness and carry it to our brothers and sisters of all faiths and creeds, and particularly to the descendants of Lehi, until we have done our duty by them. And then I am sure that when that time comes, that we are celebrating the anniversary of the first resurrection, but when that great time comes and when all who are in their tombs who are worthy shall be raised from their tombs and this earth shall become the celestial kingdom, and Jesus Christ our Lord will be our king and our lawgiver. That’s what the gospel teaches us. That’s what the gospel offers to us if we’ll accept it. And I pray that we may be worthy of it. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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